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Letters to a Law Student 3rd edn: A guide to studying law at university

Letters To A Law Student 3rd Edn

ISBN 10 : 9781292064727
ISBN 13 : 1292064722

Letters to a Law Student relays all that a prospective law student needs to know before embarking on their studies. It provides a useful guide to those considering a law degree or ..

Letters To A Law Student

ISBN 10 : 0582894255
ISBN 13 : 9780582894259

A guide to studying law at university, this text will help those who are thinking about studying law at university decide whether doing a law degree is the right option for them. I..

Letters To A Law Student

ISBN 10 : 1447922662
ISBN 13 : 9781447922667


What About Law

ISBN 10 : 9781847317605
ISBN 13 : 184731760X

Most young people considering studying law, or pursuing a legal career, have very little idea of what learning law involves and how universities teach law to their students. The ne..

Studying Law At University

ISBN 10 : 1741156076
ISBN 13 : 9781741156072

Do you want to do well in Law from day one? Law is a challenging and competitive subject to study at university. You need to become familiar with its peculiar language and complica..

Great Debates In Jurisprudence

ISBN 10 : 9781137327543
ISBN 13 : 1137327545

A clear and critical exposition of the more advanced concepts in Jurisprudence, providing a cutting edge for students who are looking to gain additional insights with which to exce..

The Law Machine

ISBN 10 : 9780141965055
ISBN 13 : 0141965053

The authors explain and discuss how the justice system evolved, the way it operates - including vivid descriptions of the trial process - and how lawyers work. Revised and updated ..

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